Bad weather Rome, storm at dawn: fallen trees in Monteverde

Bad weather to Rome. A violent thunderstorm hit the capital at dawn. At about 5 in the morning the rain began to fall profusely. And several streets remained flooded. The strong wind, then, caused the fall of some trees. One in particular hit a car parked on route of Monteverdeat the height of the San Damaso church.

The yellow alert

Yesterday the Regional Functional Center announced that the Civil Protection Department has issued the warning of adverse weather conditions, starting in the afternoon and for the following 6 hours. The alarm remains from today afternoon, Saturday 13 August and for the following 6 hours.

Rome, the “gang of the hole” remained blocked under the tunnel denies any thefts (and returns free): “We were there by chance”

In the Lazio expected: isolated to scattered precipitations, also of a reverse or thunderstorm character with prevalent diurnal evolution. The Regional Functional Center carried out the assessment of the Alert / Criticality Levels and therefore forwarded a bulletin with yellow alert for hydrogeological criticality and hydrogeological criticality for thunderstorms on all the alert areas of Lazio ».

The San Giovanni station of Metro A reopens

Due to the strong storm, the San Giovanni station of Metro A had been closed, as Atac informed through the social channels: “#info #atac – metro A: San Giovanni station closed, due to damage from bad weather, trains pass without stopping, updates follow #roma“.

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