Bajer from Bel-Air – showrunners come and go. Will it jeopardize Will Smith’s production?

Bajer from Bel-Air scared not one, but two showrunners. Chris Collins he quit the role because production was going in a different direction than he thought. The man left production in December 2020 and was replaced by Diane Houston, but this one did not stay in production for long. The third choice turned out to be the duo of TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, which she and the executive producer had just brought. Malcolm Spellman, known, among others, from the Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +

Bajer from Bel-Air will be the showrunner debut of Brady and Newson.

Reboot is inspired by the popular fan video of the original series Morgan Cooper that came out online in March 2019 and caught the eye Will Smith. The series is planned for two seasons, and Netflix and HBO Max competed for it. Premiere Bajeru with Bel-Air is scheduled for 2022, casting has not yet started. Sources hollywoodreporter report that when Peacock was looking for someone to write in TV style for a wide audience, Collins wanted to deliver an avant-garde and unique series. Although he has left the show, this one will continue to use some of his work. It is unknown why Houston resigned from her position as showrunner.

Original Bajer from Bel-Air was a 1990s comedy that starred Will Smith as a clever guy who learned to live on the street and now moves from West Philly to Los Angeles. Reboot will focus on what life is like for a black person in America now, while still paying tribute to its predecessor.

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