Band of the hole in Rome, what happened to the man stuck in the tunnel: the investigation

A premise: the obscure points, yet to be clarified, in this story there are several. Certainly there is the budget that speaks of two people arrested, two Neapolitans, and two Romans denounced, one of whom – a 34-year-old – was stuck 7 meters underground and saved – to applause – after 8 hours. It is the chronicle of the history of the alleged gang of the hole.

The fact is that with the passing of the hours, even on the part of the investigators, the doubt that the illegal tunnel excavated at Aurelio and collapsed yesterday could have become a passage to favor a big blow, perhaps in a bank, is there.

In fact, among the tracks trodden by those who investigate, there is the one – to be clarified – which could tell of a large gang that also counted on any other accomplices and basists, stopped by a collapse that could have turned into a tragedy.

What happened in via Innocenzo XI

It all started around 11:30 on Thursday morning when a phone call arrived at 112 that raised the alarm talking about some people who were stuck in a tunnel in via Innocenzo XI, one of the crossroads of the more famous Gregory VII, not far away. from St. Peter’s Basilica.

The firefighters also intervene on the spot with the help of the special forces and soon identify the exact point of the collapse, in front of a vacant shop. From under the asphalt comes the voice of a single person asking for help, a 34-year-old Roman.

A person stuck in a tunnel

The news spreads and reaches the press, around 12:40, right from the firefighters and speaks of a “person who has fallen underground”. The anomalous signaling triggers the editorial offices. We contact the carabinieri who treat the fact as an “accident at work”, so much so that the first reports tell of a worker who fell into a tunnel and got stuck.

The rescuers, meanwhile, get to work by first intervening through the manholes below and then with a bulldozer to open a parallel tunnel in order to reach the man who was buried alive in the rubble.

The first investigations

Voices chase each other. In the neighborhood there is talk of an alleged gang of thieves ready to make a big deal in a bank about 300 away from the collapsed tunnel. The carabinieri, who investigate, however, label the track as untrue.

The hours pass and the hypotheses on the origin of that tunnel dug by an illegal construction site increase. The rescue machine to bring the man to the surface is incessant and the rescue, to the applause of those present, takes place 8 hours after the accident. The 34-year-old Roman, who was also provided with an oxygen cylinder to allow him to breathe and was given liquid food all the time, was taken to the San Camillo hospital, in red code and not in danger of life.

His three “colleagues”, all with precedents, had also tried to escape, but were stopped by the carabinieri not far from the place of the collapse. Taken to the Trastevere barracks, they were interrogated for hours. The investigators worked immediately, trying to accurately reconstruct the dynamics of the facts to also go back to the start date of the “works”.

The dark points of the story

It is at this point that a series of knots to untangle begin. One hypothesis is that the four would have worked to proceed step by step to the target of the blow, probably a bank vault, counting on acting undisturbed by taking advantage of the city emptied by the impending August 15th. A gang of the hole, therefore, that would have planned in detail the alleged big shot, taking advantage of a Rome emptied of holidays.

But something was going to go wrong.

This is the key to understanding why the alleged thieves and inexperienced workers would have collapsed a part of asphalt that blocked a man – their “colleague” – at a depth of about 6-7 meters.

Not only. Who called for help? According to what emerged, it is likely that the call was made by a member of the possible gang of the hole, perhaps one of the carabinieri arrested immediately after the events.

The investigations are coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office. Two Neapolitans were arrested for resisting a public official and two Romans referred to the judicial authorities for damage and culpable collapse.

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