Bank account, pay attention to your savings: that’s how they screw up

Culturally speaking, we are used to resorting to “safe” tools to accumulate and keep safe our savings: the bank account has been the norm for almost all citizens for over a century, regardless of economic conditions, especially in recent decades. In fact, since the advent of online accounts, management costs have tended to be reduced and many of the modern ones do not have any type of “fee” or any form of fixed payment. However, having a bank account can also bring various risks, especially when we interface with “telematic” contexts.

Bank account, pay attention to your savings: that’s how they screw up

In fact, more and more banks are led to make extensive use of online services, especially for a practical matter: nowadays fewer and fewer “exclusive” transactions are carried out at branches, while operations such as wire transfers, money transfers, bank statements and balance they are often carried out through your smartphone and personal computer.

This has certainly favored the management of one’s finances, but has also increased the risk of scams, which is always around the corner: scams are in fact increasingly difficult and “cunning” to discover to the point that even rather experienced users can suffer from theft. of data.

In particular this happens through the technique of phishingthat is the strategy that leads the user himself to allow scammers to know their data, thus giving the possibility to access savings, albeit in an unconscious way: the phishing in fact it operates through deception, pretending to be a reliable entity in digital communication, usually with emails, sms and communications that look like bank communications and which usually contain a message with “alarming” connotations (problems on the account, problems related to security, and any other “excuse” to lead the user to follow the address in the body of the message), with the sole intent of “paving the way” for malicious people.

In fact, these links often lead to sites that have the appearance of banking ones, ready to accept our data.

To defend oneself, it is sufficient to trash or ignore any form of message and communication that highlights the need for control, even if it bears the headings of actually existing credit institutions and post offices: in fact, these entities absolutely do not resort to messages of this type to highlight problems.

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