Barbie, Greta Gerwig feared that movie with Margot Robbie would destroy her career

Barbie is one of the most awaited and talked about films of the next film season and we are ready to bet that more than one colleague would like to be in Greta Gerwig’s place, with a project of this kind and a cast of that level: it seems, however, that the director of Little Women accepted the job not without some concern.

After having sung the praises of Margot Robbie, Gerwig admitted that he had some reservations in saying yes to the production proposal, fearing that, above all because of the prejudices that often surround brands and franchises historically aimed only at a female audience, the film could literally decree for her”there end of a career“.

It was terrifying. There’s something about starting from a situation like this that makes you say, ‘Well, anything is possible.’ When I started writing it I felt like dizziness. Like, where to start? What will the story be?” were the words of a Greta Gerwig evidently still quite shaken by the whole process.

We’ll see what becomes of Lady Bird’s directorial career after the release of this Barbie: the hype, however, could not be higher than that! Recently, meanwhile, always Greta Gerwig promised many extraordinary looks for Ryan Gosling’s Ken in the film co-written with Noah Baumbach.

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