Battlefield 2042 – Cheat creator abandons game support

One of the many troublemakers Battlefield 2042 the game performance is low even on the most powerful configurations. As it turns out, it contributes to reducing the number of cheats in the game more than the built-in security. Well-known informant Tom Henderson blows on Twitter a screenshot of a certain hacker on Discordthat would have to stop distributing cheats to Battlefield 2042:

Henderson: Seller cheatw to Battlefield 2042 It is crashing its services in this game and it is not by anti-cheat merit. It turns out that the game’s poor performance prevents cheats from working properly (XD).

Alleged hacker with the nickname Panfyero: We stop selling cheats to BF 2042 in our store. All subscriptions will expire as usual without any renewals or availability. You can still use cheats for now. Subscribers with a Lifetime subscription can redeem it for an equivalent subscription in any Call of Duty title. The reasons for this decision are performance issues in the game [Battlefield 2042 dop. red.]that negatively affect the proper functioning of cheats, and the fact that most people do not use their subscription anyway when the game is already dying.

There is a saying: do not kick flying. According to the overwhelming majority of players’ opinions, Battlefield 2042 is unfortunately at this point in a position in many ways. The largest number of people playing simultaneously via Steam in the last 24 hours is slightly over 8,000. In Battlefield V from 2018, the same statistic is 20.6 thousand (SteamDB data).

On a different note, a Reddit user with the nickname Roboserg shared a story about his return attempts Battlefield 2042 via Steam. As it turns out He will spend more than 2 hours in the game, and more than 14 days after purchasing it. Thus, it does not meet the qualifying conditions for a refund on Steam.

The player stated in an interview with customer service that two of the four hours they spent in the game were wasted digging in the control configuration. This was due to a bug resetting the player’s set of keys to the default ones selected by the developers. Much to Roboserg’s surprise, Steam will successfully process its refund request.

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