BBB20: Babu exposes the deception with the Law and the demands of the way as the doctor looks at him, ‘Looks to me traumatizaram more when new; Watch


On the morning of Thursday, (26), and in the BBB20, Babu Santana, have you had a chat with the super up front with Rafa Kalimann, and explained some of their disappointment on the reality tv. According to the acting Law is one of the leading. “It was a source of pride, and became a disappointment for me. When I first saw the Law to talk about sexuality in a way that’s so nice of humanized birth… [fui criando uma admiração]I started the configuration.

She was good in the sense that it is a person that when I commit to talk a little bit more complex than that, I can’t log in the eye of it. And, at times, in passing, that she throws it and looks to me traumatizam, and looks to me traumatizaram when I was growing up. She casts in these eyes“, he claimed, reminding you of when you have had other thoughts about her. “One of the lines most striking to me was that when she opened up the door there, and he said, ‘Babu, rabada is a wonderful thing!’. I thought, ” wow, that looks cool, I just found that I can not access to this person, but I have access to“ he said.

According to Santana, the Law would change the posture of it from Daniel’s, and Ivy came in to the game. “One day, she will sit there and talk to the Priest: ‘the Priest we were planning on taking you, and Babu, pro and VIP, because you’re five weeks in a row in week five. What do you think about this?’. I was told the pro Prior to that I’d only be a pro and VIP if you were to receive an invitation from you (Rafa) or Thelimha, and he agreed to it. When the Law spoke of it, he said he didn’t want to. She spoke to me, and to him, loud and clear, and I am here listening to you. Then she went for me, and I thought, ‘she’s going to talk to me.’ She went out and came in, and he didn’t give me or have a good night“ he says it with details.

Or whether you want to decide on my future, asking for authorization to pro-Her, or taking her to a decision. She was not able to come up and talk to me? From the time that we just have random conversations, and I’m very sorry.” It is however, quite large. I thought that was what I was going to build up a friendship“ said the interpreter of the cult of rational culture on the big screen, while Rafael listened intently. Watch:

This is not the first time that Babu vent and complain about the looks of the ob / gyns in the set. At the beginning of the month, you will also have a chat with Rafa, he said: “The Law has a look that reminds me of a former boss of mine. And it scares me so much. Makes Me scared… I swear! And she didn’t do even a third of what my former boss did it“.

Prior to that, for one of the parties, for the reality, the Santana is also said to Thelminha about the pain. “It was the first thing that I complained about it. She looked at me and down. She looks at me with that, not a ma’am. I talked to the pro Prior to: the head, the law looks at me the same way my boss was looking at me’. I have a trauma from that to look at, “ he said.



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