Be Careful, Baby! Barby vélez and Some Photos Very, Very, on the Edge

Barby Vélez

The daughter of the renowned vedette posted two photos on her Instagram and gave her followers a choice.

Bárbara Vélez, better known as Barby, was in Mendoza spending a few days with her mother Nazarena and took the opportunity to photograph herself with a “more Cuyano” background. One of the postcards shows her in a somewhat dangerous pose and some of the fans let her know :

It is that Barby sat very on the edge of a pool or canal (it is not clear what it is) and in the meantime praise for the beauty of the young model and actress, there were also warning messages, asking her to be careful not to fall into the void while posing for her followers.

In total, Nazarena Vélez’s daughter published two photos in the same place, which seems to be a farm in the neighboring province, and asked her followers to choose which of the two had been better. In fact, a very difficult task because Barby is especially photogenic. 

Something else attracts attention on Barby’s Instagram and it seems that black has become her fetish color. But look at this entire gallery that we leave you with some of her total black looks that she chose in recent weeks:



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