“Beauty is having a strong personality”

On the red carpet of the Met Gala, the most glamorous American charity event of the year, she looked like a goddess on Monday night. Emily Ratajkowski is like this: she leaves you breathless. American model, actress and activist, 30 years old, Emrata (her social diminutive of an account with 29 million followers) began her career at a very young age by parading for major brands and then creating her own line of Inamorada swimwear. Last November she won the esteem of millions of women with the book The Body where she tells how her relationship with her body has changed at work and in private life. From this season you sign a collection created in tandem with Superga.

How was it born?
“Very naturally. I used to walk the streets of New York with a pair of Superga’s: I’ve always used them in my spare time and even more so now that I have my son, I appreciate their comfort and understatement even more. The brand noticed it and asked me to collaborate with them».
What do you feel you have in common with a label that has more than 100 years of history?
«Superga is one of those brands that have been part of all of our lives practically forever. Even if we may not always wear them, because we have a less dry and more classic style, it’s impossible not to recognize them. Their ability to be timeless is something I also aspire to in my small way. Furthermore, I love Italy very much and it always makes me very happy to work with brands from this country».

His favorite piece of the collection?
«I like the simplicity of the classic 2750 sneaker with rounded laces».
What’s her style when she steps off her heels?
«It is not always the same: it is constantly evolving. I like Versace and I’m also a big fan of the Proenza Schouler duo. But I also let myself be conquered by the creativity of emerging designers».
You started working in fashion when you were very young, how has the sector changed today?
«Now there is a lot of play on diversity. It wasn’t like that before, the beauty stereotypes were always the same and on the catwalks you only saw a certain type of woman parading. There’s still a long way to go but I’m pleased to see how stylists focus more and more on different genres, personalities and physicalities».
And what is yours instead?

“I don’t have a specific one. For me, beauty is not only represented by physical qualities but also by other components such as self-confidence and a strong personality».
She is not only a stylist but has also worked as an actress and is a highly regarded activist. Has accumulating many different experiences taught you to deal with criticism as well?
«It’s certainly not easy at the beginning of a career, and young age plays against it. Then you understand how it works and you become aware that it’s impossible to please everyone and you start to focus only on your own happiness, even though I always knew I would have it my way.”
At one point it seems that beauty has turned against her, almost like a curse, as she herself tells in her book My Body.
«I wanted to describe the long process of gaining awareness and acceptance of my body. I think every woman has a My Body of hers in her drawer. My experience is personal and unique, even if it has been amplified in some way because I have transformed my body by making it my job».
Why this book?
«I wanted to tell about my struggle with success, the difficulty of controlling everything, the challenge of happiness. I wanted the women who had seen me in the public eye to realize what I gained and what I lost. I wanted to explain that my career or the way I look have not protected me from particular experiences, in fact perhaps quite the opposite ».
What does emancipation mean to you?
“I thought emancipation came from being completely independent. Now I know it’s much more complicated than that.”
Best and worst memory?
«The worst memories are related to those times when I was very hard on myself and internalized the criticisms I read online. The best memories are linked to all the people who come to me and tell me that they appreciated my book».
Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
“I hope to be surrounded by people I love and work on projects with people I admire.”

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