Beirut, gunman enters the bank and takes employees and customers hostage. The crowd supports him-

from Chiara Barison

The kidnapper’s brother clarified: Our father at the end of his life and we do not know how to pay for his care. Since 2019, current accounts in euros and dollars have been frozen, throwing thousands of people on the street

There crisis in the Lebanese banking system it is driving the population to exasperation. The latest tragic effect was the raid of a man inside the Federal Bank of Beirut at the scream of Give me my money back!. After entering with a large tank of petrol, took some customers in the branch hostage, as well as employees. Your request may seem simple: asks for his current account to be unblockedfrozen for three years now.

Shortly after the news was spread by the Lebanese police, a crowd of people gathered outside the bank to express their solidarity against the kidnapper. The brother told local media that the gesture justified by the father’s illness: at the end of life in hospital e we don’t know how to pay for her treatmentmy brother explained on TV ready to set himself on fire if he does not receive his due. He then added nto know where he may have found the weapon that you see in the video frames, because he only came in with the petrol can.

At the moment, after a long negotiation with the cops, the kidnapper only released one senior client. On social media circulates the video showing the man, in evident state of agitation, that the agents call Bassam. He walks nervously with the weapon pointed at the floor and the lit cigarette in the left hand.

Since 2019, the Lebanese banking cartel – in agreement with the Central Bank – has resulted in the blocking of all current accounts and investment deposits in euros and dollars, despite the owners being Lebanese citizens. At the same time, the local currency was hit by a heavy devaluation, coming to be worth 95% less than the US dollar. According to the UN, the crisis facing Lebanon is the worst ever and reduced in poverty for 80% of the population for the benefit of litigation.

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