Bekah Martinez Is Pregnant Again Expecting Her 2nd Baby

Good news for those who love the adorable photos of kids on social media: Bekah Martínez is expecting her second child. A 24-year-old single student shared Instagram news on Thanksgiving with her beautiful photo with boyfriend Grayston Leonard, his 9-month-old daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz … and an ultrasound photo. He also posted a picture of a nude picture of his bulge in his Instagram stories. (First, of many, it can be assumed).

Martinez was a favourite fan of the 22nd bachelor season, and although she didn’t break up with Arie Luyendek Jr., of course, she found a happy ending for herself. Since receiving Ruth in February, Martinez has found a fan base dedicated to new moms through honest messages on social networks, including breastfeeding hormones and postpartum diapers. These same mothers (and even a new generation of future mothers) will be happy to see Martinez documenting his pregnancy journey with son no. 2.

And if Martinez manages to breakthrough, this is not the last time he takes this route. Earlier this year, she told US Weekly that “Maybe just five. But for now, we want to keep it just [Ruth] for a couple of years. We can travel with her really easily, so we want to stick with her and then go for the rest.”

It seems that the plans have changed slightly … and this family could not have been happier. Watch the YouTube video of his latest Chatty Broads podcast for more information about the big announcement. And of course, keep up with your Instagram …

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