Belarus. Minsk: men threw a stone into the prosecutor’s apartment, they will be tried for “terrorism”

The Belarusian Investigative Committee, in cooperation with the Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption (HUBAZiK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, informed about the arrest of two Minsk residents, aged 36 and 43, who were to throw a stone into the prosecutor’s apartment through the window. The men were participants of a closed chat on the Telegram website, which is a cell of the “Busły lacać” initiative (“The storks are flying”) – informs Belsat.

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Investigators claim that in April this year men threw a stone through the window into the prosecutor’s apartment. As emphasized, living there with a small child. Suspects had not been punished before. One of them is a construction entrepreneur, the other an engineer.

According to the Investigative Committee, in the fall of 2020, they joined a closed chat on the Telegram website related to the structures of the “Busły lacić” initiative. In turn, shortly before the incident, the prosecutor’s contact details – his home address, position, place of work and residence – were published on another Telegram channel, which was believed to be the source of disseminating extremist content.

Criminal proceedings

Criminal proceedings were initiated. The suspects are accused of committing a “terrorist act against a public figure” and “participation in an organization established to conduct terrorist activities,” informs Belsat. The “Busły lacać” initiative is part of the Belarus Of the “Resistance” movement. The goal of “Resistance” is “to fight the Lukashenka regime by all possible means.” The movement is also in favor of carrying out democratic reforms in the country, changing the constitution and calling new elections.

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