Believe in Second Chances: Miss North

She defined herself as a focused, responsible woman, grounded in character, confident, strong, persistent, disciplined because “those who are close know that I will do everything I can to fulfill my dreams and goals.” Give what I can. Currently, thanks to so many processes, I am a woman with confidence and abilities, so I know I will take responsibility and opportunities north of santander at the national level”.

He appeared before reporters as a human being crying, laughing, brimming with emotion, showing the backdrop of a monarchy that not only does the Queen beauty, parade, smile, but also in her case get up early, stay up late, a To be able to follow through on all commitments at the same time, “because everyone should be given equal importance” and requires a lot of discipline. In this sense “we are all warriors and those who do not win take a great learning experience.”

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the new one miss north He said that he is working on a project to conserve water sources, moors, waterfalls as he believes that “water is a source of life and we should be aware and work on cleaning rivers and tributaries”. should, in this case on the basis of their pamplonita river, Which supplies water to various municipalities and in future if we do not take action then it will be a serious problem which will affect the society.

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