Bemi introduces new watches to Poland. They monitor activity and health

Bemi new watches in Poland health activity

In November, Bemi smart watches debuted on the Polish market. Now is the time for devices for slightly older users who want to monitor their physical activity and training progress, as well as health.

Watches Bemi TER2, Bemi ARI (title photo above), Bemi KIX-M and Bemi Racer RC1 are products both for people who regularly practice sports and for those who care about daily activity monitoring and increasing their motivation to exercise. Devices track burning calories and the number of steps you have taken and distance traveled. Smartwatches are equipped with a number of sport modes (including running and cycling), allowing the program to be adapted to the user’s needs. The ARI and KIX-M models also allow you to practice water sports – they meet the standard IP68, i.e. they are resistant to water, dust and dirt.

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Bemi smartwatches have a built-in monitoring of blood pressure and oxygenation, and heart rate monitor and option sleep tracking. The Bemi TER2 and Bemi KIX-M models are equipped with a function designed for women monitoring the menstrual cycle. With the help of Bemi watches it is possible too camera control on the smartphone.

All Bemi watches are compatible with operating systems Android 4.4 and iOS 8 or later. Smartwatches are controlled from a mobile phone using applications available for download in stores App Store and Google Play. The devices are equipped with a communication system Bluetooth and have an IPS display with a resolution 240 x 240 pixels.

Bemi TER2
Bemi TER2

Bemi watches on the Polish market and their prices

The Bemi TER2 watch is equipped with 1.4 inch display, processor Realtek RTL8762C and a battery with a capacity 160 mAh. The smartwatch is resistant to dust and moisture – it meets the standards IP67. In addition, the device has a built-in alarm, the function of monitoring the menstrual cycle and body temperature, and a stopwatch. The model is available in three colors: black, pink and blue for the price 178 PLN.

The Bemi ARI smartwatch is equipped with 1.3 inch display, processor Nordic NRF52832, memory RAM 64 MB and a battery with a capacity 170 mAh. The device meets the standards IP68which means it is dust and water resistant. The available functions also include phone music control, weather forecast, inactivity reminders and a stopwatch. The black model is available for the price 158 PLN, the gold and silver versions in the set with an additional black strap cost in turn PLN 198 and 208 PLN.

The KIX-M model from Bemi has 1.3 inch display, processor Goodix GR5515 and audio processor Appotech CW6693D and built-in memory 512 MB. The battery in the watch has a capacity 240 mAh, the device also meets the standards for water resistance IP68. Additional available functions include a built-in music player, alarm, menstrual cycle monitoring and a stopwatch. The model is available in black, green and pink for the price PLN 248.

The Bemi Racer RC1 smartwatch comes with 1.3 inch display, processor Realtek RTK8762, 64 MB internal memory and a battery with a capacity 200 mAh. The watch meets the standards IP67 – is resistant to moisture and dust. Other features of the device include alarm clock, inactivity reminders, phone location and a stopwatch. The model is available in black in the price 238 PLN.

Bemi Racer RC1
Bemi Racer RC1

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Photo source: Bemi

Text Source: Bemi

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