Ben Affleck at the house of Jennifer Lopez! He moved in with J.Lo? THERE ARE PHOTOS!

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez a couple? For many days, speculation has been going on about the relationship between former brides. Some fans still believe that Ben and J.Lo are just good friends … I wonder what they will say on the couple’s latest photos! The paparazzi recorded the joint trip of former lovers to the singer’s house in Miami. Looks like Ben Affleck has moved into Jennifer Lopez’s mansion!

A pair of lovers or a pair of friends? Fans of the artist and actor are still divided, but it looks like the camp of supporters of option two is consistently shrinking … New photos of former brides have just appeared on the web. This time The paparazzi caught J. Lo and Ben Affleck at the artist’s home in Miami. The actor and singer were seen on the balcony of the mansion, and before that Ben Affleck he was photographed on the stairs to the house. In the pictures we can see him carrying the suitcases upstairs!

Is this another “pair of friends” weekend getaway? Or maybe Ben moved in with his former fiancée for good?

What do Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have in common?

Some fans still believe that Ben and J. Lo are just good friends. However, it seems that many more people are slowly accepting the fact that the old love has returned between the two.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck almost got married. The star couple started dating in 2002, and four months later announced their engagement. The idyll lasted almost two years, until a catastrophe suddenly occurred …

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together! “They found an old bond”

In 2004 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they were going to get married. Fans were getting ready for the celebration and the media was preparing special editions of colorful magazines … and then something unexpected happened. A few days before their wedding, J.Lo and Ben Affleck broke up their engagement.

The reasons for the separation of the couple are not entirely clear to this day. They both mentioned twisted in interviews that their relationship could not withstand the pressure of the environment, media interest, etc. It is only known that the former fiancées never quarreled. Although they both settled down with new partners after a while, they always spoke respectfully about each other and kept in touch from time to time.

Is old love back? To be honest, we don’t believe that the only thing between the two is an old friendship. The reports of the American media and new photos show that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck simply decided to give each other a second chance after the breakup of their previous relationships. Recall that they are both reclaimed singles: Ben broke up in January with Cuban actress Ana De Armas, and J. Lo broke off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez in the spring.

Why did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up? We recall their history

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