Beppe Grillo convicted of defamation

The third criminal section of the Bari Court of Appeal sentenced Beppe Grillo to compensate the former parliamentarian of the Democratic Party Cinzia Capano for the damages from aggravated defamation in favor of the civil party to be settled separately before the competent civil judge. In the first instance, on 29 June 2016, the founder of the Five Star Movement was acquitted by the Bari court in monochrome composition. Grillo was sentenced by the Court of Appeal to reimburse the formation costs incurred by Capano and relating to the double level of judgment in favor of the former parliamentarian from Bari, to be paid in a total of 4,000 euros, in addition to 15% for general expenses, VAT and Pension fund. Reasons within 90 days.

Grillo, during the ‘Annozero’ television broadcast of Raidue on 9 June 2011, harshly attacked some parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, including Capano, deputy and former councilor of the Municipality of Bari, accusing them of having failed, with their absence in classroom on the day of the vote, the motion to merge the referendum on public water to the local elections. Capano had explained at the time that her absence was linked to a serious health problem, which had forced her to emergency hospitalization and had filed a complaint-lawsuit against Grillo for defamation. The former parliamentarian was assisted in the trial by the lawyer Michele Laforgia.

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