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Dinner for 86 years in Arcore. The leader of Forza Italia: «Whoever believes in it fights. Whoever believes in it overcomes all obstacles. Whoever believes in it wins. And we will win together again this time “

«Last night I was moved by the warm embrace of the people I love. Thanks to them and to everyone for their good wishes ». Thus the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, who posts a video of the party on Thursday evening in the Arcore residence for his 86th birthday on social networks. The Knight sits in the center of the long table set, with white and blue flowers and candles lit along the central axis, with his daughter Marina on the right and his partner Marta Fascina on the left. And his son Piersilvio who hugs and kisses him. “You know what my motto is – said the former prime minister -:“ Whoever believes in it fights. Whoever believes in it overcomes all obstacles. Whoever believes in it wins. And together we will win this time too ”».

Present, among others, the best friends of Berlusconi: Gianni Letta, Fedele Confalonieri and Adriano Galliani. Then the loyal forcers Licia Ronzulli, Alberto Barachini, then his brother Paolo Berlusconi and the other children and grandchildren. Berlusconi at a certain point blows out the candles of the four-tier cake, the lowest with the colors of Milan and Monza, the second with the flags of Forza Italia and the third blue with the logos of Mediaset and Mondadori, then surmounted by a globe next to a statuette with the likeness of the blue leader in a suit and tie. A few red heart-shaped balloons were dropped onto the table from above when the cake was cut.

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