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Last episode before the elections of White paper broadcast on Rai 3 on the evening of Tuesday 20 September. At the helm of the transmission, it goes without saying, the hostess, Bianca Berlinguer. To offer lessons in the studio, on the other hand, a wild and impeccable one Massimo Cacciari. One who, as he notes, always says things from the left as he thinks them. Without hiding behind any kind of political flag.

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It’s at White paper there is talk of the alleged “fascist danger”, a thesis that Cacciari does not agree with. And he has been repeating it for some time. But not only: the philosopher and former mayor of Venice points the finger at the Democratic Partyagainst the left, against those progressives who have not even been able to rally, to ally themselves, while waving the flag of a non-existent democratic emergency.

“When there were real fascists, monarchists and communists got together. Today the fascist danger is shouted and not even a shred of coalition can be set up. Better keep quiet and shut up! “Thunders Massimo Cacciari. Nothing to complain.

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Hence, the fulminant back and forth with Paolo Mieli. The latter, in fact, attacks in a somewhat disorganized way and states that “the central question is that the center-right does not have the skills to govern”. And Cacciari snaps: “Why on the other side, what skills do we see? So far no one has made the reforms … and Meloni was not in the government “, thunders.

Finally, an implicit response to those who argue that strong powers, the United States and European chancelleries will bring down the possible Meloni government in a short time. No, this is not the case for the philosopher. “Whether there is a clear-cut victory for the right-wing coalition it cannot be subverted. The United States will begin to deal properly with Meloni and we will move forward. If the victory were skimpy, a very confused season would open for the government “, concludes Cacciari.

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