Better not look at the prices of graphics cards. Pity your nerves

Better not look at the prices of graphics cards.  Pity the nerves

Did you plan to buy a graphics card? You probably missed the only point when prices were still acceptable. It’s getting worse now.

The prices of graphics cards for a short while, at the turn of June and July, were at an acceptable level. They still did not fall to the recommended amounts, but looking at the previous situation, prices in the range of 150-160 percent were treated almost as a bargain. Unfortunately, we did not see any further reductions. Since October, prices have been rising all the time and it is getting worse.

Graphics card prices

The prices of graphics cards have been monitored by the German 3DCenter service for many months. It is true that they concern our western neighbor, but they are in fact a reflection of the situation throughout Europe, including our country.

Unfortunately, the conclusions are not the best. Prices have risen again, especially for the most popular NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 modelsfor which you have to pay almost 200 percent of their price at this point. It is a little better for the Radeons, which average price is 190 percent MSRP, down 11 percentage points compared to the previous statement.

Graphics card prices
photo: 3DCenter

The situation is even worse as the availability of graphics cards is much better than at the beginning of the yearwhen prices were even higher. It only shows that the producers’ efforts do not help much and this dramatic situation cannot be quickly averted. Anyway, we’ve all come to terms with the fact that the earliest graphics cards will be bought at relatively normal prices in 2023.

And what does it look like in Poland? GeForce RTX 3070 costs at least PLN 5,000, where normally models from this series should cost about PLN 2,500-3,000. In turn, the purchase of the RTX 3060 reduces the account balance by approximately PLN 4,000-4500. It’s very bad…

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Photo source: NVIDIA, 3DCenter

Text source: 3DCenter, KitGuru

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