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Foreign Minister Wang Yi in an interview with Kissinger clarifies that China is ready to shed a lot of blood, if forced, for reunification: Any mismanagement of the Taiwan issue would interrupt relations between China and the US

He sent his foreign minister Wang Yi to the UN General Assembly, Xi Jinping. And the message for the world (and above all the United States) that China willing to shed much blood, if forced, for the reunification of Taiwan.

The diplomatic expert Wang Yilanded in New York, immediately went to consult with Dr. Henry Kissingerthe old friend of the Chinese people (honorary title that Beijing reserves for foreigners who have crossed its history for a long time).

Kissinger repeated his appeal to the realpolitikespecially on the Taiwanese issuewhich in his opinion should not monopolize relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China and which instead is currently threatening accidents and escalation.

Wang replied that instead at present, top priority should be given to addressing the Taiwan issue appropriately and that any mismanagement of it would disrupt relations between China and the United States.

The other day Joe Biden said America would defend the democratic island by force if faced with an unprecedented attack.

The president added that the United States does not encourage Taiwanese independence, but that the Taipei government is independent in its political choices. His White House advisers were quick to say that American policy on Taiwan has not changed, but it is clear that since Biden has now repeated his determination to militarily defend Taiwan, the changed and interventionist line of fact.

Minister Wang Yi thus told Kissinger that achieving peaceful reunification is our greatest desire and we will do our best to achieve it. But it must be clear that the more widespread the idea of ​​”Taiwanese independence” is, the less the solution of the issue will be peaceful and that there will be a shocking effect on our relations with Washington.

The conclusion of Xi’s head of diplomacy is threatening: There is an old saying in China: better to lose a thousand soldiers than an inch of land.

In light of the Russian experience in Ukraine, Wang’s proverb seems to be an answer to those who believe that the difficulties and the very serious losses of Putin’s army have advised Beijing not to follow suit with an attack on Taiwan.

September 21, 2022 (change September 21, 2022 | 12:56)

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