between Consul, Vidal, Stanchi, Di Silvio and Al Thani. The point

Sampdoria sale: between Consul, Stanchi, Vidal, Di Silvio and Al Thani… how long is missing from closing? Let’s try to sort out the current situation.

The Sampdoria fans exasperated by a ranking that still cries despite the away victory in Cremona. The Sampdoria fans exasperated by a negotiation that seems endless, with the club sold in words about twenty times in three years. ClubDoria46 does not take a position: it is not needed at this moment.

ClubDoria46 tries to inform, by contacting the protagonists, doing documentary searches, cross-referencing and reporting the news of others. So that you can get an idea. At this moment we believe it is important to pull the lines and take stock of the situation. It’s complex, but we try. We owe it to you.

Sale of Sampdoria, Consul and Casale Calcio

Let’s start with the professional who is on the “front page” these days: Francesco Paolo Consul. Sheikh Al Thani’s advisor, the escrow agent, i.e. the trustee who will have to pay the money to Dr. Vidal once the operation is concluded.

ClubDoria46 was the first to contact and interview dr. Console. We were able to clarify his role and the state of the negotiation from his point of view (EXCLUSIVE Sampdoria Cession, Francesco Console: we are closing; EXCLUSIVE Sampdoria Cession, Francesco Console: chosen by Al Thani; EXCLUSIVE Sampdoria Cession, Consul: two diligence in a short time for the market). Among other things, we record a partial divergence: according to Consul it was the Sheikh himself who chose him, while Francesco Di Silvio claims to be the one who indicated the Turin professional in Al Thani.

However, there are two things that are worrying some of the Sampdoria fans these days. The dangerous similarity with the unfinished negotiation for the purchase of Salernitana (which Consul had explained to us as follows: EXCLUSIVE – Sampdoria sale, Francesco Console: this is how it went with Salernitana) and the critical situation of Casale Calcio, a serial company D that the Console & Partners acquired (but it is not clear in what form.

Console and the adventure at Casale Calcio: why are we interested?

On the first question we limit ourselves to observing that this time the “name” brought up is really important: the Al Thani family. It is hard to imagine that this is such a large bluff.

On the second question, however, it is worth making two arguments. First of all, it is not yet clear what is the intervention of the Console & Partners srl in the Casale Asd Football Club. and its majority shareholder. Consul tried to clarify (Situation Casale, Consul clarifies: we are only a sponsor. The words) but there are some pieces to check (Cessione Sampdoria, Primocanale: the two versions of Console sul Casale) We are doing it because we deem it necessary to deepen, giving ample right of reply. We are doing it because even if the escrow agent will NOT detect Sampdoria, it is certainly relevant to understand if the possible buyer chooses its emissaries carefully or superficially. At least part of its credibility is at stake.

Sale of Sampdoria, the Trustee Gianluca Vidal: what is concrete on the table

In recent weeks, Vidal has revealed an aplomb and an air, so to speak, “notarial”. His role is to record what happens. No evaluation, no feeling. He cannot afford to let a potential investor slip away, even if perhaps the negotiation methods are unorthodox. And actually this story is full of “sui generis” characters …

Let’s move on to Dr. Vidal. A professional chosen by Massimo Ferrero who had already used his skills in the failure of Livingstone. Vidal is the trustee, the fiduciary custodian of Sampdoria, in charge of finding a buyer and paying the proceeds in the arrangement with creditors of Farvem and Eleven Finance.

From the various statements made to ClubDoria46 and other press organs, we can derive three elements that Dr. Vidal feels certain. The identity of the sheikh, which is verified by a Swiss notary and from which it is no longer possible to reasonably doubt. Contacts with the lawyer Greogire. Mangeat (Sampdoria transfer, the decisive roles of the lawyer Gregoire Mangeat and Imad Aounallah), with whom Vidal interfaces on behalf of the Al Thani family: the lawyer also follows the PSG, owned by the Qatari sovereign fund. Lastly, the opening of a current account at an Italian bank (BPER). This is not a secondary issue, because once the 40 million has been received from the sheikh, all the routine checks carried out by the Italian banks will start. Strict checks that will also serve to certify the legitimate origin of the money. By greatly simplifying the follow-up of the obligations to be carried out.

Edoardo Stanchi, the ousted manager … or not?

Let’s move on to Edoardo Tired. The Roman manager has contacted us in recent weeks (Cessione Sampdoria, Tired: I know all about the negotiation but now it is the time for silence) to deny an interview released months ago (Cessione Sampdoria, Tired tells the truth about Di Silvio and Al Thani) . In the denial, however, he confirmed to be involved in the foreground together with Francesco Di Silvio. The intermediary of the Al Thani family, however, contradicts him within a few hours (Cessione Sampdoria, Di Silvio denies Stanchi: he does not work with us). And in fact we would also have had confirmations in this sense, with the manager who after a few months was put “on the bench”. Tired instead reassures us: Di Silvio will deny and confirm that I am still working on the sale. And in fact from what he publishes on social media he would seem just like that … Let’s not forget that at the very end he managed to get Danilo Iervolino’s offer for Salernitana. Precisely at the expense of Francesco di Silvio and Console & Partners… what a strange coincidence. Or not, is the world of finance like this?

Francesco Di Silvio, another film entrepreneur for Sampdoria?

And then Francesco Di Silviothe film entrepreneur who put the Sheikh in contact Faleh Khalid Al Thani with the Sampdoria world. He introduced himself to the fans live on facebook and was hailed as the savior of Sampdoria. He remarked on his differences with Massimo Ferrero (“He is an exhibitor, I am a producer”). In the environment there are those who know him well, both at the Venice and Rome festivals.

After a few blows and responses with several fans on the Facebook page of ClubDoria46 (Sampdoria transfer, Di Silvio threatens to leave due to skepticism But why?) He lets himself go and threatens to abandon the negotiation. Then he “suspended” from social media (Sampdoria transfer, Francesco Di Silvio deletes the Facebook profile) except to be portrayed together with some Sampdoria fans he met in Cuba (where he is working on a film about Fidel Castro) cheering after the victory against Cremonese (PHOTO -Francesco Di Silvio returns to Facebook and rejoices for Sampdoria)

Di Silvio Facebook Sampdoria Sale Sampdoria Consul Vidal Tired Of Silvio Al Thani

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