Beyoncé’s single leaked before it’s officially released

Beyoncé’s revival ended up coming sooner than anticipated, with the leak of Break My Soul, singer’s new single, last Monday (20/06). The song, which would come out in the early hours of Tuesday (21/06), made its debut on the platforms moments after having won the favor of netizens, who listened a few hours in advance.

It is unknown how the song ‘escaped’, but it quickly became one of the most talked about topics on the internet worldwide. Music portals and other vehicles, such as Pitchfork and Vogue, had already warned of the dancing aspect, not only of this music, but of the entire renaissance – album that will make its debut at the end of July. They got it right.


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break my soul refers to the pop made by great icons of the genre in the 90s, with its clubber. The singer may not have reinvented the wheel, but she showed what was expected: she doesn’t have a bad time with Beyoncé. the single it’s interesting, because it instigates to understand what Beyoncé thought as pop for her new album, and, in my opinion, it leaves expectations high.

Regarding the single, the evidence suggests that Beyoncé hopes to play break my soul a hit of its new era. To reach this result, the collaboration of The-Dream, an American singer and songwriter, who has already been involved in the production of other Beyoncé hits, such as single ladies, it is fundamental. Here, Terius Nash, the artist’s given name, was one of the song’s songwriters and producers.

Another point to take into account is that Bey worked on a (numerous) team. The single’s lyrics, for example, were written by eight hands, including Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, the worthy Queen B. Now, it remains to enjoy the ‘good news’ released by Beyoncé, in addition to waiting for the album, that may not be free from the risk of being leaked, like your wing-blade.

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Listen to Break My Soul, Beyoncé’s single:

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