Beyond Good & Evil 2 beats Duke Nukem Forever, it’s been 5,234 days since the announcement –

Beyond Good & Evil 2 he beat Duke Nukem Forever in what unfortunately does not arise as a pleasant competition, far from it: they have passed well 5,234 days from the announcement of the Ubisoft title, while for the Gearbox shooter the wait between reveal and publication was 5,156 days.

An interval that seems destined to increase, if we consider that for Tom Henderson Beyond Good & Evil 2 needs at least another two years of development. In short, the way of saying “take it easy” takes on completely new connotations in the case of the project wanted by Michel Ancel.

Clearly there are some distinctions that must be made: at the time of the original reveal, Beyond Good & Evil 2 did not even have a title nor was there anything concrete behind it. Ubisoft limited itself to publishing a concept trailer which nevertheless did not fail to thrill the many fans of the game.

A similar argument can be made for Duke Nukem Forever, in the sense that the experience presented in the now distant 1997 was something completely different compared to the title that then made its debut in 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course, when development is long and troubled, such episodes become inevitable between productive reboots, second thoughts, team changes and so on. A few years ago we wrote a special with everything we know about Beyond Good & Evil 2, and ironically it is still current information.

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