Big Time Rush compared to Beyoncé and Lizzo in title song “Ableist”

Big Time Rush is in big trouble – at least on Twitter – because users are annoyed by the title of an old song, which some describe as capable… Beyonce And the Lizo.

Here’s the deal… The 2000s boy band recently got together to release new music – and one of the vault songs they’ve been eager to release is called “Gamble”, which was previously leaked but not officially included. in the album.

Now, they say they’re going to do it for real… and have been teasing their fans when and under what circumstances they would do it.

On Saturday they tweeted… “We are so happy to see that everyone around the world can now enjoy all of our music. But the real question. How badly do you want us to cast a paralyzed?” They encouraged their followers to get a “frozen” trend before bringing it to the fore…but so far, they haven’t. The track is only available on Sound Cloud (unofficially).

If you listen and read her lyrics… It’s a pretty straightforward, seemingly harmless song about a girl who scared the boys and froze, and crippled AKA, because of how attractive she is. Basically, they’re in love… but they play with the frozen angle.

They even stutter on some of the words they sing, and this is where things get problematic.

Some argue that music in general is problematic and offensive to paralyzed people – and this is where Bay and Liz… are linked to accusations of racism.

jump to “Lizzo and Beyonce“The trend now, and you’ll see all the rhetoric going around. Basically, some are saying that those who have stood up to female artists using the word ‘s***’ in their music and calling for it to be removed must be doing the same for BTR.

The argument boils down to… some in capable society and/or their allies are actually racist – because they stank when two black women innocently used the term – which was popular and in common use before 2010, frankly – but when a group of white men/ Eggs are more in the nose… It seems that there are cockroaches in terms of outrage.

not all But buy this – because, yes, it’s very accusatory and makes a lot of inferences based on… nothing but perceived reactions on Twitter, which is kind of ridiculous.

Period… some see a double standard between Lizzo/Beyonce and Big Time Rush – and they seem upset that there’s no more pressure on BTR to change or cancel their music altogether. Whether this double standard is real or not is in the eye of the beholder.

Just another day in the birds app. ????

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