“Bild”: Russia wants to take 2/3 of the area of ​​Ukraine. There is a deadline for a possible attack

“The Kremlin has been threatening for many days that a war with Ukraine is inevitable if its government does not abandon its alleged plans to regain the Russian-occupied Donbas and Russia’s annexed Crimea. NATO would also have to ‘guarantee’ that Ukraine will never become a member of the alliance. it must withdraw its weapons, allegedly located in Ukraine, to prevent a war in the region, “reads Bild’s article on Saturday.

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The German daily obtained information from a high-ranking officer that the Russian plans “are in a drawer and that Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether they will be implemented”. The deployment of Russian troops since April, however, shows that the Kremlin seems to be leaning towards implementing its plans for the attack.

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“Bilda” newsletter: Putin will send 175,000 to the border Russian soldiers. Three phases of attack

As the German newspaper stated, Russia’s “maximum plans” for a war with Ukraine have been known to the United States since mid-October. “The US CIA foreign intelligence agency intercepted them from Russian military communicators, first notified its own government, which informed NATO in November. The Washington Post was the first to publish these reports. According to a newspaper report, Putin could send 175,000 troops abroad.” .

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The “Bilda” informant claims that the Russian army would carry out “a simultaneous attack from northern Crimea through the separatist territories in the east and north” of Ukraine. The attack could take place “at the turn of January / February” – if Ukraine and NATO do not agree to Putin’s demands. “Other insiders around NATO see the attack in three phases, each phase could also be the last operation if the West’s reaction to the invasion led to a reassessment of the situation,” the daily reports.

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In the first phase of these actions, Russia would take control of the south of Ukraine – “both to secure supplies for Crimea and cut off Ukraine from the sea, and thus from supplies,” the security officer told Bild. The second stage would assume that “in parallel with the first phase of the war, Putin’s air force and ballistic missiles would weaken Ukraine’s military potential throughout the country.” In the third stage, however, “the Russian army would advance from the north towards Kiev”.

“Bild”: Ukraine would not be able to resist Russia’s attack

“NATO strategists are not sure whether the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka will take part in the hostilities against Belarus. Although the dictator Lukashenka recently announced it, it is not yet certain” – reports the daily. “If Belarus were prepared as a starting point for Russian or even Belarusian attacks, the Russian plan would be to encircle and besiege Kiev from the northeast and northwest. Russian forces would then move roughly as far as the Korosten-Uman line to cut off supplies from western Ukraine.” and then they would wait for the capitulation of Kiev and thus Ukraine under pressure from the West, “Bild reports after the informant.

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The German newspaper reports that such a scenario could end with the capture of two-thirds of Ukraine’s territory. One of the newspaper’s informants told her that “the Ukrainians would fight, but would not be able to fend off a serious attack by the Russians. […] If Kiev’s armed forces are not completely destroyed, they will withdraw to the west of the country. “

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