Billie Eilish admits to using a stunt double at her Coachella 2022 show

Who would say! In an interview with Apple Music 1, Billie Eilish made a revelation about her show at Coachella 2022. The 20-year-old singer confessed to using a ballerina as her body double at the beginning of the performance: “And nobody ever knew it wasn’t me, literally nobody knew.”

Billie Eilish admits to using a stunt double at her Coachella 2022 show
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“I dressed her in a show look that I had worn before. We took a black wig and we put buns on it and we gave her a mask and sunglasses and she wore my shoes and my socks. I put her at the back of the stage and she stayed there while the lights came on and everyone thought it was me“, said.

But what about the singer, where was she? billie Eilish followed everything from Coachella closely! “And nobody ever knew it wasn’t me, literally nobody knew. And while she was upstairs, I put on a big black coat and a traffic vest and a hoodie and just glasses.”had fun.

According to the interview, videos of the performance show the understudy at the back of the stage as the singer gives an intro with snippets of the tracks. “Oxytocin” and “Happer Than Ever”but the person’s face is not visible, which allows the magic to happen until approximately two minutes into the set, at which point “Bury a Friend” started playing.

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On that occasion, the interviewer took the opportunity to amend the matter and asked if billie already disguised himself to watch other musicians perform at festivals. She admitted yes: “But it was a different person and it didn’t work! I’ve done it, occasionally, in different places, and it’s really nice when you can do that.”said.

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