Billie Eilish and Matthew Tyler Vorce are a couple? We check who the star’s chosen one is

Could Billie Eilish’s heart beat faster for someone? After the photos of the singer nestled in the mysterious man hit the network, many fans have no doubt that Billie Eilish has a new boyfriend. Who is Matthew Tyler Vorce? We x-ray a potential singer’s chosen one!

Billie Eilish is one of the most secretive stars about his personal life. The singer has openly said many times that she does not want to share her reports with fans and the media. So far, the star keeps his word and keeps his relationships secret – except for a brief mention in the document The World’s A Little Blurry on Brandon Quention Adams known Q, with whom Billie Eilish she met briefly last year.

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Basically though Billie Eilish she makes sure that her male-female relationships are not discussed by her fans. In one of the interviews she said:

I’ve been in relationships and kept them a secret, and even when I showed the world a little, I regret it. I see people who made their relationships public and then broke up, and I think, “What if it goes wrong?”

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Who is Matthew Tyler Vorce?

Meanwhile, the paparazzi recently caught Billie Eilish in an embrace Matthew Tyler Vorce and the whole world began to gossip about the steam. Recall that Billie was walking with Matthew on the streets of Santa Barbara, and after the couple stopped in line for coffee, the singer hugged his shoulder. Is it a serious relationship or maybe a friendly gesture?

We leave the guesswork for you, and in the meantime we check who he is Matthew Tyler Vorce.

New boy Billie Eilish he is an actor, but he has not made himself known to the world audience so far. The man works mainly as a theater actor in Los Angeles and has many dubbing roles to his credit. However, he also has film adventures behind him – he even starred in a movie Mom, I’m dying of love. As reported by foreign media, he is 29 years old. About the fact that something can actually connect him with Billie Eilish, is evidenced by the fact that right after their joint photos hit the media, the actor … blocked the Instagram profile.

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