Billie Eilish asked about the situation of Britney Spears. She did not wrap her up in cotton. “That’s f ****** e”

Show business has been living with the #FreeBritney movement for several months. Spears confessed in court in late June that her guardianship, with which she had been under 13 years of age, had depressed her. The vote on Britney is made by celebrities and artists who, in solidarity, appeal to the singer to free her from the power that her father has over her. The support was shown, among others, by colleague Madonna, ex-boyfriend of Britney Justin Timberlake and Doda in our native show business. Now the representative of the youngest generation of artists – Billie Eilish – took the floor.

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#FreeBritney. What is the situation of Britney Spears and what is the pop icon fighting?

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Billie Eilish on the situation of Britney Spears

Eilish was interviewed by the Australian issue of Vogue Magazine in which she was asked about Britney. The singer related the situation to young women starting their careers in the entertainment industry.

It’s really terrible what many women have had to go through and are even still going through today. I had no advisers who would like to piss me off – which, it turns out, is quite rare. It’s f ****** e.

Eilish confessed that she had people around who she hadn’t disappointed.

I am grateful that I have an honest group of people around me who refused to take advantage of me and do what was done to artists in the past.

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As a reminder, Britney has revealed that for years she was stuffed with drugs – including strong lithium, used to treat bipolar disorder. The star also confessed that she could not make the decision to become pregnant on her own. Recently, the judge approved the singer’s application for permission to employ her own representative, chosen by the singer herself. She will be represented by a well-known Hollywood lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who already announces a fierce fight for her freedom.

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