Billie Eilish at ROLLING STONE: Super photos and details about the NEW ALBUM!

Billie Eilish on the cover of Rolling Stone
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Billie Eilish had another cover of a prestigious magazine, another wonderful photo shoot and another important interview. The author of the hit “bad guy” is the star of the latest issue of ROLLING STONE. See great photos of Billie Eilish and check what she told in an interview for the magazine.

Billie Eilish collects covers of famous magazines at a pace that many older music stars can envy her. Here is another one on the artist’s shelf: this time Billie Eilish is the star of the latest issue of Rolling Stone, one of the most recognized music magazines in the world!

No wonder Billie Eilish is filled with emotion and joy.


– Billie Eilish wrote in her latest post, right next to a series of photos with the cover of the magazine at the forefront. The artist encourages her fans:

read more about the album in the article;)))))

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The Rolling Stone cover is obviously not the only photo Billie has posted on her Instarama. Scrolling the photos in the post, we will find as many as 8 more shots from the latest issue of the magazine. You must see it!

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Rolling Stone is another important point on Billie Eilish’s career map. Recently, the star also appeared on the cover and inside of the Vogue edition. This is where the extremely sensual session of the singer and sexy lingerie comes from … More pics you’ll see here.

Check out other covers from Billie Eilish!


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