Billie Eilish changed her style. How did she look at the beginning of her career, and how now?

Billie Eilish quickly captured the music market and the hearts of millions. This extremely charismatic girl from the hit “bad guy” has changed her image over time. It is no longer a teenager hiding behind voluminous clothes, but a sexy woman who knows how to ignite Instagram. But is the singer’s metamorphosis sure to everyone’s liking?

Loyal fans Billie Eilish they certainly noticed the change their idol had undergone. The singer has not only opened up to various social topics, which she is more likely to talk about, thus supporting other people, but also has changed a lot herself.

When Billie burst into show business, she became known as an artist with her own style. She inspired many young people who, like her, began to wander the streets in oversize clothes.

Billie Eilish changed her style. Is it too SEXY? Madonna takes her side!

Is Eilish’s old image a thing of the past? It looks! The star discovers the body more and more boldly and eagerly appears in matching clothes. Unfortunately, some of her fans are on NO. Many of them feel that Billie should stay with her old image.

Check out our gallery and let us know which version of Billie you prefer! 😊

Smolasty in ESKA Live – the song Big Eyes LIVE


What do you think about her image change?

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