Billie Eilish dissolves ex-boyfriend in a new song called Lost Cause

Billie Eilish continues to promote the new album “Happier Than Ever”, which is expected to reach listeners in less than two months. A new single and music video entitled. Lost Cause. The singer sings in it about the ex-boyfriend.

In recent weeks, Billie Eilish has been exceptionally loud due to the regularly released singles from the 2nd studio album, as well as quite a clear change of image. The latter aspect caused the artist a lot of hatred, especially after the publication of the Vouge cover, where the artist reveals some of her body. The first reactions to new songs from “Happier Than Ever” are very positive, which Eilish is sure to enjoy.

The singer’s fans have just got another opportunity to get acquainted with the sound of her next album. The song hit the net this afternoon Lost Causewhich appears as number seven on the list of songs announced. The single debuted on YouTube with an additional music video featuring Billie Eilish accompanied by her friends partying. The lack of men is no coincidence here, because the lyrics are about an ex-boyfriend.

Lost Cause is a big diss for ex-guys who fail over time.

The song sounds quite playful, but there is no doubt that its lyrics will appeal to many teenage Eilish fans. The American sings here, among others about the ineffectiveness and lack of punctuality of her ex-boyfriend, about the fact that she did not get flowers from him, and that flowers like him can be found everywhere. Especially since her ex did not even have a job despite catching up with her face.

Sound Lost Cause so it is positive, because the heroine of the song finally realizes the nonsense of this relationship and happily ends it. Because there is no point in arguing with hopeless cases.

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