Billie Eilish has released a limited collection of tracksuits. A wave of criticism fell on her

Nobody has made as much fuss around themselves as Billie Eilish. The singer who releases her new studio album on July 30 “Happier Than Ever”, recently surprised everyone with a radical change of appearance. Photos of her new hairstyle broke records of popularity on Instagram. It was similar with the issue of British “Vogue” in which Eilish appeared on the cover and in the controversial, underwear and corset session published in the middle. The newspaper sold to the last copy.

It all started in March with photos posted on Instagram, where the star presented a different hairstyle. The blonde hair with bangs sparked controversy, and yet the entry was ranked third among the most popular posts in Instagram history with nearly 23 million likes.

After that it only got better – Eilish’s post with her “Vogue” cover broke another record – in less than six minutes it scored a million likes, which no one has ever managed to do before. The singer could not believe it and confided that she was afraid to throw anything into social media because the situation was beyond her.

However, there are many indications that it was coquetry on her part. You can see that Billie knew she was going to make a fuss and hoped to make a profit on it. The total change of image from a girl in oversized clothes in a sex bomb in a corset was to make a masterful fuss, and now … the star is returning to what her fans have got used to in recent years. A limited collection of her tracksuits and accessories with the title of her latest album “Happier Than Ever” has just been released.

On this occasion, Billie Eilish published a session on Instagram in these tracksuits, and all stylizations are made in the atmosphere of “old” Billie. The tracksuits are much too big, a bit creased, and the singer has become a rebellious young girl again.

Did the singer’s fans appreciate this gesture? It seems not all of them. The limited collection tracksuits are available in three colors: beige, pink and black. Each pre-sale sweatshirt costs £ 180 (around PLN 950), trousers £ 190 (around PLN 1,000), a T-shirt £ 100 (around PLN 520), and a vegan pearl necklace £ 35 (around PLN 180).

Thousands of comments poured out under the post presenting the new collection of the singer, like: “Cooo? Why so expensive?”, “Do you think we’re rich?”, “$ 180 for a p *** a sweatshirt? $ 50 “. These are only the mildest entries, because in many comments, indignant fans used much harsher words.

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