Billie Eilish is dating and fans ask: Are you LGBTQ +?

Billie Eilish
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Does Billie Eilish have a boyfriend? Or maybe … she prefers girls? Some fans of the American artist believe that their idol not only supports the LGBTQ + movement, but is not heterosexual herself. How did Billie Eilish fans get the idea and what are they writing on social media?

Billie Eilish in numerous interviews, he talks a lot about his feelings, willingly talks about family relations and a unique relationship with his brother, and even about his own fears and dreams. However, when the thread of the heart matters, the artist remains silent or at best gives evasive answers.

Does Billie Eilish have a boyfriend? Who has she dated in the past and who is “the one” for her now? It’s obvious that the rumors about Billie’s love life interest her fans, but she herself talks about it reluctantly. And this, in turn, gives rise to various guesses and speculations.

One of the newest theories is that Billie Eilish belongs to LGBT people. How did you come to that?

Why did Billie Eilish dye blonde? Finally, she revealed her inspiration …

Who is Billie Eilish dating?

The hashtag broke into the forefront of the most popular trends on Twitter last weekend #youlikegirls. It turns out that it was about Billie Eilish and her heart affairs.

If you believe the rumors that have been circulating on the Internet in recent weeks, Billie Eilish is not single. The singer meets a young actor named after him Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Biliie’s boyfriend (or perhaps, as some say, only her close friend) is not yet known to the general public – he mainly performs on stage in Los Angeles. He also has a lot of dubbing roles to his credit. Matthew Tyler Vorce is 29 years old. You will learn more about Billie Eilish’s partner from our previous article.

More and more frequent reports of Billie Eilish’s dating with Matthew However, they don’t stop some fans from cranking up conspiracy theories about their idol’s sexual orientation. More and more people ask her directly: are you LGBTQ +?

And to tell you the truth, Billie helped set this innocent drama on her own. The Sunday popularity of the #youlikegirls trend began with the artist’s post! When Billie Eilish was promoting on social media your newest video “Lost Cause”, she wrote in the content of the post:

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