Billie Eilish looks like Dolly Parton? That’s what her fans say

Billie Eilish looks like Dolly Parton?  That's what her fans say

When Billie Eilish posted a photo of her new hair color in mid-March, fans went wild with delight. To this day, the photo has been liked by nearly 22.5 million website users, which gives it the third place on the all-time list. Above are only the last photo on XXXTentacion’s profile published before his death (24.2 million) and a photo of the egg. That’s right – a photo of an egg that was once trolling to dethrone Kylie Jenner (55.1 million).

For several weeks now, Billie has been eagerly posing with a new hairstyle, and fans have been looking for more comparisons for her new image. Commenting on the singer’s post yesterday, many fans compared her to Dolly Parton and it is hard to disagree with them – Eilish’s blonde hair storm combined with Gucci’s retro sweater bring to mind a country icon. Some see Billie as their grandmothers or aunts, so the time travel of the image was definitely successful for the star.

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Much more important than the new image of Billie, however, are her artistic plans. The artist recently admitted in an interview with Stephen Colbert that she is working on the successor of the multi-platinum “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”.

Things are coming – the star writes mysteriously on Instagram. There is speculation that the change of image is related to the promotion of new material. Would it also mean a musical shift towards American tradition? Honestly speaking, we would not expect it, although we do not rule out such a solution

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