Billie Eilish Lost Thousands of Followers on Instagram After Posting Two Photos

Billie Eilish lost approximately 100,000 followers on Instagram after sharing two photos. But, what was this unexpected event due to?

Singer Billie Eilish was once again in the eye of the hurricane after she shared two peculiar photographs through her personal account on Instagram that upset some of her followers by considering the content offensive, which was about naked women’s bodies

The famous Los Angeles, California native joined the challenge to “post a photo of …”, while her followers comment on a moment or situation and she shares an image about it. However, this dynamic caused the singer to lose around one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. 

The first published photo arose when someone asked him to show the screen saver of his cell phone, which turned out to be an illustration of two portraits of naked women in different shades of green and yellow. For her part, the second photo was uploaded at the prompting of a fan who asked her to show a drawing that she was really proud of. 

In this new image, two bodies of naked women are perceived, drawn with their fists and hands. One of them was wrapped in a kind of snakeskin. However, these illustrations were not entirely pleasant for her fans, who decided to stop following the youth artist after these publications. 

The result of this activity was that Billie Elish lost 100,000 followers. He went from having 73 million to 72 million 900 thousand in a single day, but why have some of his followers been so offended? Was this action really so bad?

It is worth mentioning that one of his fans noticed what had happened, deciding to make a post about it, however, Billie only reacted by mocking, denoting that these types of events neither come nor rise. “Dying laughing, they look like babies,” he wrote about the screenshot of the tweet, which revealed what had happened on his Instagram account. 

If you are fans of the 19-year-old artist, you will know that none of the images shared was with the purpose of objectifying the woman, but that they were published as part of a dynamic where her sincerity was required, since they are intimate pieces. which are to your liking. 

Via Instagram @billieeilish Photo: Screenshot

It is not the first time that Eilish has generated controversy among her fans, because just a few days ago the singer-songwriter told her fans that she will not release a new album if they continue to make fun of her green hair. It should be noted that after that, the singer changed her look to satisfy her fans.

Via Instagram @billieeilish Photo: Screenshot

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