Billie Eilish tempts with breasts. Fans split: “Where’s Billie?”

Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish’s style has changed a lot lately. Oversized “oversized” clothes are a thing of the past – for some time the author of the hit “bad guy” is more and more willing to show the body, often in very sexy outfits. Many fans like the metamorphosis the singer is going through. But there are also those who miss the “old Billie Eilish”.

Whoever has been following Billie Eilish’s career from the very beginning, surely knows how much her external image has changed recently. In the past, the artist appeared in public almost exclusively in much too big clothes. Today more and more often boasts of very bold creations.

The best example is the latest photos that appeared on Billie Eilish’s Instagram. The singer published three photos on her profile in a colorful tight-fitting top, from under which a lace bra protrudes boldly. Billie proudly sticks her chest for a selfie and writes on her photos:

yes I know

It means exactly that she is well aware of how big a shock such photos must be for some of her fans. And probably for her in a way too.

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Billie Eilish’s new image. What do the fans say?

Most of the biggest fans accept every choice of their idol and try not to criticize his decisions – especially those about the image. This is also the case with Billie Eilish, although there are also voices of disapproval.

I want my old Billie back

Girl what are you doing ??

– some fans of Billie Eilish’s talent ask under her latest photos.

But many people accept and praise the star metamorphosis.

Can we please, folks, realize that Billie is finding herself and that she is happy about it, and that that is the only thing that should count. And that she’s only 19 and has been on the bench since she turned 15, and that she owes us nothing

– one of the female fans writes in the commentary. Of course, there are many more similar voices, as well as compliments to Billie. And it’s hardly surprising because her latest photos are really hot.

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And what do you think about the artist’s metamorphosis?

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