Billionaires, Bezos ousted from second place: who is Adani

With a leap in the rankings he surpassed all the richest men in the world and ousted the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos from second place, placing himself behind only Elon Musk: the Indian multibillionaire Gautam Adani has passed in just 10 months from the 14th position to the second step of the podium of the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”, thanks to the boost of the $ 70.3 billion in receipts in the last year. From the richest man on his continent, according to the economic and financial media magazine, Adani has now become the first Asian to reach the top of the list of billionaires in the world.

Bezos is no longer the second richest man in the world: overtaking Gautam Adani

With i $ 146.9 billion in assets the Indian tycoon managed to overtake Jeff Bezos, putting himself in the wake of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who leads the ranking with 264 billion.

Adani’s climb accelerated in February when he became the richest man in Asiasurpassing compatriot Mukesh Ambani, following the explosion in the prices of the shares of the numerous Indian companies listed on the stock exchange of the Group that bears his name.

The companies that belong to the Indian multi-billionaire operate in various sectors, from ports to airports, from coal mining to renewable energy, from media to cement.

But to have contributed to the rise of Adani in a not inconsiderable way was thelong-standing friendship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom he has supported since his first steps in politics and with whom he shares the origins, since both come from the state of Gujarat.

Moreover, the entrepreneur has interests in industries crucial for the long-term economic development of the Indian economy and aims to become a green energy giant with an investment of 70 billion dollars.

Two years ago the Financial Times he wrote that “since Modi took office, Adani’s net worth has increased by about 230%, thanks to winning government tenders and building infrastructure projects across the country.”

Even in the ranking of the richest men in the world compiled by Forbes, the Indian multi-billionaire is on the podium with assets estimated in real time by the magazine at 158.3 billion dollars, competing for second place with Frenchman Bernard Arnaultpresident and CEO of the fashion giant LVMH, which for its part boasts a fortune of 153.7 billion (here to find out the ranking of Italian billionaires listed on the stock exchange).

Who is Gautam Adani, the billionaire who ousted Bezos from the ranking of the richest men in the world

Born in Ahmedabad in 1962, Gautam Adani began his career in the Mumbai diamond industry in the early 1980s, to then diversify investments over the years.

The 60-year-old entrepreneur dropped out of college and made his fortune thanks to an empire based on raw materials and transport, founding the Adani Group in 1988, of which he is president. In 2020 it acquired a majority stake in Mumbai International Airport, making it India’s largest airport operator (it had already appeared here in the ranking of the billionaires who had earned the most in 2021).

On Forbes’ list of billionaires, Adani first appeared in 2008, with an estimated assets of $ 9.3 billion, which since then it has increased by 15 times.

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