Bishop Schneider calls for the Traditionis custodes to be invalidated

In his latest pastoral letter, Conservative Bishop Athanasius Schneider pointed out that as Pope Francis leads the Church to the Synod of Bishops in 2023, devoted to “synodality”, “an open wound has appeared in the Mystical Body of Christ.” This wound is of course inflicted by a papal act Traditionis custodes and the subsequent “instruction” of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Responsa ad dubia.

“This spiritual wound and its painful consequences (both pastoral and personal) for thousands of Catholics are publicly known. And the valuable and ancient liturgical heritage of the Roman Church, which is a universal spiritual good for the whole Church, which must not be lost, is under threat ”- points out the hierarch from Kazakhstan, known for his support for traditional sacraments and the Orthodox teaching of the Church.

Bishop Schneider expects courageous action from Pope Francis

As Bishop Schneider points out, the current “synodal process” is an excellent opportunity for the bishops to take the side of the faithful who have been wronged by a papal act that drastically limits the availability of the traditional Holy Mass, and ultimately intends to eliminate it from the life of the Church.

“May Pope Francis realize that he was advised unreasonably and may he show pastoral courage, humility and genuine love for these marginalized sons and daughters of the Church by annulling the canonical provisions set out in the above-mentioned documents. By doing so, he will certainly take action “healing wounds and healing the wounded heart with the balm of God”, wrote the purpurat (the quotation in the last sentence comes from the speech of Pope Francis during the inauguration of the “Synodal Way” on October 9, 2021).

Francis “the Pope of Liturgical Peace”?

The Kazakh bishop on this occasion recalled the figure of Irenaeus of Lyons, a saint who at the end of the 2nd century issued a fraternal admonition to Pope Victor I, who tried to violate lex orandi Of the Church by changing the way of celebrating Easter which is inconsistent with Tradition. The appeal of Bishop Irenaeus resulted in the withdrawal by the Vicar of Christ at that time from actions contrary to Tradition. Bishop Schneider expects a similar reflection from Francis, who recently announced that he intends to pass St. Irenaeus to the group of Doctors of the Church.

“May God grant Pope Francis the grace that he may truly be the Pope of the liturgical peace, spreading” all that is true, what is worthy, what is just, what is clean, what is nice “(Phil 4: 8). If Pope Francis had acted with such love and pastoral humility, nothing would be lost – and everything would be gained. And the “God of peace” would be with him and with all the faithful (cf. Phil 4: 9) ”concluded Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

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