Bitcoin at 100k and Ethereum at 6k!

Bitcoin at 100k and Ethereum at 6k! | Shock forecast from the expert …

The world is full of imaginative forecasts, especially in the space of crypto, of and of. But as for a commodities specialist like Mike McGlone to speak, there is certainly something to listen to, also because we are talking about a Senior Strategist from Bloomberg. Specialist who has decidedly uplifting forecasts for the top two assets by capitalization of this market.

$ 100,000 in price for Bitcoin and $ 6,000 at least for Ethereum, with timelines that still leave ample room for those who want to position themselves, given that as predictable it will not be something that will happen overnight. A forecast, however, more than enthusiastic about how the sector could move.

$ 100,000 for Bitcon and $ 6,000 for Ethereum: the expert’s forecast

Speaking is a relatively well-known commodity expert working on behalf of Bloomberg. Mike McGlone does not send them to say regarding the future prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum and indicates as possible price levels $ 100,000 for the former and $ 6,000 for the latter. Attractive prices, even if they will be placed in the right time horizon.

The Bloomberg specialist’s analysis

McGlone is not a fool, and is aware, as he says, of the particular macro situation that is also having important effects on the crypto world and its surroundings. And so he admits that in all likelihood the winter will be hard (as in reality it already is) and that recovery is not necessarily immediate.

Bitcoin, at least in my opinion, will reach $ 100,000, it’s only a matter of time. The key factor is that adoption and demand are increasing and if they don’t reverse, which I don’t think, it will continue to appreciate. It is only a matter of time.

While recognizing a different nature to Ethereum, but still defining it as a purebred horse, the specialist is definitely bullish even on the first of the altcoins by price level, indicating a price level that would mean a growth of more than 4 times compared to current prices.

I believe the overall picture is that of Ethereum and how it is revolutionizing finance also in terms of futures and ETFs, although with the Merge we will have to beware of any problems along the way, which we all know happens with this type of technology.

This position is perhaps less acceptable and in any case less understandable, given that the merge went well and given that the project is already preparing to aim for its next objectives.

How much are the forecasts of the experts worth?

Obviously, it remains to be assessed how much the forecasts of generalist market experts can be useful for those who want to take a position on Bitcoin and also on cryptocurrencies in general. Nobody has a crystal ball and nobody can be sure how markets will move in a macro sense.

However, having more and more “classical analysts” on the side of our hut is a good sign, because in 2018 we would not have found them even if we had looked for them with the proverbial light.

Yes, this bear market is definitely a phase. We will see how long it will last. Meanwhile, experts accumulate as much as they can by taking advantage of the decidedly low prices that we now find on the market.

The Bitcoin article at 100k and Ethereum at 6k! | Shock forecast from the expert… it comes from®.

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