Bizarre things the actors did off set to get into the role

Being someone else isn’t that easy

  • Being an actor could be the fairytale job that you imagine less than you think
  • They make a lot of money and it’s a great job
  • However, it takes a lot of effort and sometimes you have to change your habits to play a character well
  • Some actors, to better fit the role, have done bizarre things even off the set
  • Let’s see what they are and what they have done

Being an actor is a full-fledged job even if it is very well paid. So it requires a lot of study and commitment. Some actors decide to work off-set on particularly difficult characters as well. If there are those who study piano because they have to play a musician and those who follow a particular diet and hard training, there are also those who do very bizarre things to get into the part.

Four actors who did weird things to get into character

Jerad Leto he is one of those who do strange things off the set to get better into a role. During the filming of Morbius, in which he played a disabled person, began to limp and use crutches even off the set. To avoid taking forever to go to the bathroom, instead of quitting this charade, he borrowed a wheelchair to speed up.
For the movie Suicide Squad Leto always answered only to the name of Mistah J and sent disturbing things to his colleagues: erotic and contraceptive toys used to men and Margot Robbie a live mouse.

Jamie Foxx to play Ray Charles in the film Ray he wore eyelid prostheses for fourteen days which effectively made him blind. He had some claustrophobic issues before adjusting and every now and then his colleagues would forget that he wasn’t acting and didn’t really see, and would get up from the post-lunch table forgetting to help him.

Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital twice with pancreatitis while playing the role of Steve Jobs in the film of the same name. The patron followed a fruitarian diet and therefore ate only fruit. The actor had done the same to get a better feel for the part. His wife Mila Kunis told the newspapers that she was furious at her stupidity of him, had only gone on to grapes and had gone to the hospital twice for pancreatitis.

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To prepare for his role in The Revenant, Leonardo Dicaprio he really slept inside the carcass of a dead animal in the open, risking hypothermia. Also, despite being strictly vegetarian, he insisted on eating raw bison meat to best embody his personage.

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