Black Friday 2021 – the best electronics promotions

Every year we collect Black Friday offers for you in one place – it will be no different this time. We invite you to our live blog, updated on a regular basis, where you will find the most interesting offers for electronic equipment and all internet services!

Black Friday to Black Month

Black Friday, Black Week or maybe Black Month – it is actually difficult to find out about the shopping scales that are served by electronic stores and producers themselves not only on Black Friday, but also long before it.

For many long days, we have been flooded with offers, under which we can buy the equipment we are interested in much cheaper than usual, or ride very effectively on large discounts, which they are not at all.

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Therefore, it is worth keeping your eyes open and analyzing each offer twice, and it is best to check the price history before making a purchase – such options are available at prices (available after logging in to your account) or skewer.

The partner of this year’s live blog is Teufel, which discounted several of its products on the occasion of Black Friday. Among them we find SUPREME ON headphones with the ShareME function, thanks to which we can pair two pairs of headphones wirelessly with one smartphone – their price has been reduced from PLN 669 to PLN 449. The promotion also covers AIRY SPORTS headphones for PLN 359 (from PLN 539) and AIRY TWS for PLN 399 (instead of PLN 669).

Black Friday deals list (updated)

As every year, we will try to update our live blog as much as possible. If you’ve come across some nice promotions yourself, be sure to let us know – be it in the comments or in the chat that we launched on the occasion of Black Friday.

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shopping shopping debit card credit laptop Apple MacBook logo

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