Black Friday is fast approaching. UOKiK advises what to look for when shopping

Both sellers and buyers should remember that the discounted goods – if they turn out to be defective – are subject to complaints, and by using the e-shop, check the credibility of the seller – points out the UOKiK before the upcoming Black Friday.

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UOKiK emphasized that every year the Office receives complaints about promotions, sales and special occasions. It was explained that the problem of price juggling is the most common problem in the reports. It is about the practice in which entrepreneurs raise them just before the sale in order to make the rebate seem extremely attractive after their reduction. The Office pointed out that such activities may constitute a breach of collective consumer interests.

What to pay attention to when shopping?

In order to avoid a fictitious promotion, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection advises consumers to research the prices of the products they want to buy during Black Friday in advance. Then you can assess whether the proposed promotional price is a bargain is lower than before the promotion.

During this sale and promotion period, we remind bargain hunters of their rights. We also advise what is especially worth paying attention to when shopping. We advise consumers to be cautious, and we encourage entrepreneurs to be fair and honest in relation to customers – pointed out the President of the Office, Tomasz Chróstny.

UOKiK points out to both sellers and buyers that Discounted goods – like all others – are subject to a complaint if they turn out to be defective. “We submit it under the warranty to the seller – preferably in writing. When a warranty is attached to the product, then we can file a complaint with the guarantor (most often it is the manufacturer or distributor of the goods). The right to choose between both is ours “- explained.

However, the Office reminds that if the reason for lowering the price of a product is its defect, and the buyer knows about it, then it cannot be advertised.

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UOKiK added that if we buy in a stationary store, remember that the return of a full-fledged product depends only on the goodwill of the seller.

“That is why it is worth considering the purchase carefully and not acting under the influence of a momentary impulse caused by a price reduction. Before the transaction, let’s ask the seller what the store’s policy is in this regard – whether returns are possible, and if so, when and on what terms “ – advises the Office.

Regarding online purchases, you must remember we have a statutory right to think – we can withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving the product without giving any reasons. After the purchase is sent back, we will receive a refund, regardless of whether we made them at a promotional price or at a regular price.

How can you verify an online store?

The office also advises what to look for when buying online. First of all, we should check the credibility of the seller – registration data, address, contact details. The seller is obliged to make them available.

“Doubts among buyers should arise from typos, grammar errors or unsightly appearance of the website. We encourage you to check whether the store has an SSL certificate. We pay attention to the symbol of a closed padlock in front of the website address, as well as to the prefix https: // ”- added.

UOKiK admits that verifying a store at home may not be easy for many consumers, but then the simulator of the European Consumer Center comes to the rescue.

“It is a tool that resembles an online store and shows in an accessible way what things you need to pay attention to at each stage of shopping. By the way, you can test your knowledge of consumer rights and see what mistakes we make when e-shopping. Thanks to this, in the future – in the real world – we will be able to avoid them “- underlined.

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