Black list of carriers. The EU announces sanctions for the transport of migrants

As part of the response to the security crisis caused by Belarus on the border with Poland, the European Commission proposed on Tuesday to create a black list on which carriers would be listed, dealing with or facilitating smuggling or trafficking in human beings into the EU, Deputy Head of the European Commission Margaritis informed in a speech to the European Parliament Schinas.

Among the repercussions for carriers involved in this practice, the European Commission proposes the possibility of restricting operations on the EU market, suspending licenses or permits, suspending the right to refuel or carry out repairs in the EU, and prohibit transit or flight over the Community’s airspace, or a ban on calling at EU ports.

– We announce today that we will impose sanctions on any operators who knowingly or not organize the smuggling of migrants into Europe. This will mean a ban on entry, flight and entry to European ports, said the deputy head of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas. – The transit routes used by smugglers to bring migrants to the Belarusian border are being closed one by one – added Schinas during the debate in the EP on the situation in Belarus and on its border with the EU.

Schinas: The matter goes beyond the borders of Europe

– Flights from Baghdad via Dubai, Beirut, Istanbul, Damascus and Tashkent have been suspended. Europe counted on its friends and there are many of them. We make it clear that there are no gaps to be exploited in the partnerships that the European Union maintains around the world. As the issue extends well beyond the borders of Europe – it is a matter of global concern when innocent people are abused, he stressed.

As the deputy head of the European Commission added, a global coalition is being built to oppose the instrumentalisation of migrants.

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– President Von der Leyen raised the matter at international level and with key partners, including the United States. On November 11, at the request of the EU, a closed session of the UN Security Council was held. Our Member States are also fully committed to the Team Europe approach, added Schinas.

– This is not a migration crisis. This is not a migration issue. This is a security crisis, said the deputy head of the European Commission. As he added, it is about destabilizing the European Union.

“It’s a matter of security”

– We have to call a spade a spade and say what these actions are: a determined attempt to create a continuous and prolonged crisis as part of a wider, joint effort to destabilize the European Union, testing its unity and determination. This is not a migration crisis. It is not a question of migration: it is a security crisis, said Schinas.

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– Poland’s borders are being tested. Lithuanian and Latvian borders as well. But these are the limits of Europe. A challenge for one is a challenge for all. The EU has strongly condemned and continues to strongly condemn this instrumentalisation of people. The European Council identified this risk at its meetings in June and October. And chairwoman von der Leyen appeared in front of this chamber in September and made it clear that it would not be tolerated, added the deputy head of the European Commission.

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