Black Panther 2, Danai Gurira used a prop weapon to kill … a black widow!

The wait for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is about to end. In Italy the film will arrive on November 9th and, after the announcement of Rihanna’s involvement in the soundtrack, the actress Danai Gurira told her life off the set in an interview. between fun and a pinch of … action!

Protagonist of Black Panther with his Okoye, captain of the Dora Milaje (Wakanda special forces), Danai Gurira was recently invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the film which will be released in the United States on November 11th.

During the chat with the presenter, Gurira explained how, after the shooting, a piece of the props came home with her. The spear of her character, a precious relic like Thor’s hammer, Harry Potter’s wand or Captain America’s shield she went home with her. The weapon then proved to be extremely useful: “Now I have found a purpose for the spear, a domestic purpose that I never expected“, Gurira shared adding:” These days, I was standing on an outside staircase of my house and I found a black widow waiting for me at the base of the stairs and the spear helped me kill her, or at least I tried!“. The reply joke is inevitable by Jimmy Kimmel, who couldn’t help but catch the ball: “Do you mean the animal or … Scarlett Johansson?“.

In short, the spear became a real extension for Gurira: “It started to look like an appendage, something you work with so much that you can’t leave it, you have to carry it with you. Sorry, Marvel. I have chosen to imagine that it will be an extended loan that will be constantly renewed“.

While waiting for the theatrical release, check out the official Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer!

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