Blackview Tab 11 is a cheap tablet with a dedicated keyboard and LTE

Blackview Pad 11 is a new, low-cost metal-cased tablet with 8GB of RAM and a dedicated keyboard. It costs little and messes in its price shelf.

Are you going to buy a new tablet and want to enjoy good quality without spending a fortune? Perhaps the answer to your needs is Blackview Pad 11 – a new generation of a very popular model. The price is very attractive and the specification encourages you to buy it.

The progress compared to the predecessor is visible to the naked eye. Blackview Tab 11 now has a simple shape with sharp edges that make it stand out from the repetitive competition. The front is filled with a screen with frames as thin as ergonomics allows. The matrix itself has a diagonal of 10.36 inches, a brightness of 360 nits and a great 2K resolution.

cheap tablet

Blackview Tab 11 is a new, cheap tablet with a strong specification / photo by the manufacturer

The manufacturer does not hide that the inspiration to create Blackview Tab 11 were tablets from Apple. There is nothing wrong with that, because when you get inspired, you need the best. Fortunately, there is a metal housing with a matte finish and dual speakers. Thanks to this, this model will work in the hands of every multimedia fan.

It is also not a bad choice for the mobile player. According to the manufacturer’s data, Blackview Tab 11 wins in AnTuTu with Snapdragon 730, which is an extremely popular processor for mid-range smartphones. In combination with up to 8 GB RAM and faster than in the predecessor memory, this will translate into smooth operation in all conditions.

cheap tablet

Blackview Tab 11 is a new, cheap tablet with a strong specification / photo by the manufacturer

Among other features, it is also worth mentioning a good battery. Despite the slim casing and low weight (only 460 grams), Blackview Tab 11 offers a cell with a capacity of 6580 mAh. That translates to a solid working day with 10 hours of surfing the web or 6 hours of watching movies.

I am glad that you will not have to nervously search for WiFi network coverage. The tablet is equipped with an LTE modem – and that’s DualSIM! This gives you the freedom to use the Internet anywhere and conveniently switch between your business and private cards. You can also buy a dedicated keyboard to turn it into a portable laptop!

Finally, we are left with the question of price, and this is where the Blackview Tab 11 really starts to shine. The tablet was priced at just PLN 690. This price is valid between December 6th and 10th. This is definitely one of the best tablets for the money.

Attention: to get the lowest price, it is worth grabbing a discount of about PLN 85 using the store’s website on AliExpress.

The article was written in cooperation with the BlackView brand

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