Blake Lively compares parenthood to “Living with a drug addict”

Blake Lively appears to be like any other parent in the privacy of her home. Though the actor and fashion icon dazzles on the red carpet, raising her three daughters with husband Ryan Reynolds has a way to bring her back to reality. Even as he protects his kids from the spotlight whenever possible, Lively has a story of keeping it real when he explains the lessons he has learned about parenting.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds enjoy a relatively private family life

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their children on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in December 2016 | Tommaso Boddi / WireImage

Like two A-list celebrities, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have little choice of being in front of the camera. But the power couple also likes to set boundaries for the family. Instead of living a Hollywood lifestyle, Lively and Reynolds bought a house in Pound Ridge, New York, in 2012, the year they got married.

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