Blake Lively’s summer lip balm costs only 5 euros

The lip balm coolest of the summer is to Blake Lively and it costs only 5 euros. Icon of beauty and successful actress, the wife of Ryan Reynolds has a passion for beauty products.

From red carpet appearances to paparazzi in Los Angeles, Blake is always flawless. About one beauty routine effective and cosmetics that give it a natural look. Among these there is a perfect lip balm for a mouth to kiss, very soft and hydrated.

Blake Lively’s lip balm

Blake Lively loves to pamper her lips, both in summer and in winter, using super natural lip balm. It is about Burt’s Bees, a lip blam to protect and moisturize chapped lips. Refreshes and regenerates the epidermis thanks to a formulation that nourishes in depth based on beeswax, peppermint oil and vitamin E. It has a long duration and just one application is enough to have a fresh and very soft mouth throughout the day.

Fanatic of the green products, Blake Lively appreciates this lip balm because of its 100% natural formulation. The ingredients with which it is made are sustainable. without fragrances and aromas. The packaging from 5.99 euros includes two tubes to always have the Hollywood star’s favorite lip balm available.

Blake Lively’s favorite beauty products

Very active on social media, it was Blake Lively who confessed to her fans that she was crazy about beeswax-based lip balm. She did it by publishing in Instagram Stories a shot in which he showed all his products. A photo of Blake’s beauty drawer was enough to discover his favorite cosmetics.

To always look beautiful, the actress uses a foundation by Charlotte Tilbury, liquid and moisturizing. She loves Armani Beauty bronzers and to complete her face base she uses a highlighter to put on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, added to a rosy blush perfect for the cheeks. The secret of her always bright skin? L’Caudalie spray water that sprays before make-up to have a fresh and “thirst-quenched” skin.

To finish the make-up Blake Lively uses a lengthening mascara and a glossy nude that she applies on a lip base made with the moisturizing balm with beeswax. Few know, but the actress love “do it yourself”. This means that she loves to make her own make-ups on her own, even those for important occasions such as film premieres and events.

And if the make-up for the star is very important, Blake does not neglect the well-being of her hair, which she takes care of with particular attention. In fact, since the days of Gossip Girl, the actress has always shown off very long blond hair with soft waves. Her hair care begins with nutrition: she drinks water and green tea every day to hydrate herself better. Her hair routine is also super green. A natural, sulfate-free shampoo. For the hairstyle she chooses a texturizing spray or a volumizing mousse that does not dry out the hair. Finally, use only high-end hairdryers to avoid damaging the hair during the drying process.

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