BMW and Audi are cars for psychopaths. According to the British

The purpose of the Scrap Car Comparison study was to find out which cars are most often used by psychopaths and people with psychopathic traits. To find out, 2,000 UK drivers were asked to complete a survey showing how likely a person was to exhibit psychopathic traits (including insincere charm, great self-esteem, and no remorse).

Based on the results of these studies, the analysts drew an average psychopathy score for different groups of drivers divided by brand, color, drive, and whether they had personalized license plates.

BMW and Audi drivers with the highest score

Research has shown that BMW drivers are most prone to being a psychopath with a score of 12.1 out of 36 points, followed by Audi drivers (11.7 points). Although you cannot throw them all into one sack, it must be admitted that many drivers of cars of these brands drive fast and sometimes also dangerously. The top five also included Fiat (7.0 points), Mazda (6.4 points) and Honda (6.3 points).

At the same time, the average result from all surveys was 6.6 out of 36 points, so only the first three brands are above the average, and BMW and Audi drivers are ahead of the curve.

On the other side of the barricade there was Skoda (3.4 points), Kia (4.2 points) and Seat (4.3 points). These are the cars whose drivers are most likely to be calm.

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Watch out for gold and brown!

In the case of color, the gold color received the highest score with a result of 12.7 points. Immediately after that, the color brown is slightly lower (12.2 points). While golden cars are unlikely to be seen on the streets, it is better to bear in mind when seeing a brown car.

What about the drive? Well, the most modern people have the greatest psychopathic tendencies. Why? Electricians’ owners received a score of 16/36 points, followed by hybrid cars (9.8 points), and only then classic engines. Diesel drivers average 7 points, and gasoline drivers 5.2 points. This means that owners of cars with gasoline engines are unlikely to be psychopathic.

Studies have also shown that people with a personalized license plate are almost three times more likely to show psychopathic traits than people with standard license plates. The respondents with personalized number plates obtained an average of 13.8 points out of 36 points, while the result of the respondents with standard plates was only 5.3 points.

Finally, we calm down. None of the drivers surveyed received a high enough score to suggest they had clear traits to be a psychopath. So the next time you see a golden electric BMW on the street, you don’t need to run away.

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