Body-positive Camila Cabello in a bikini. Discussion was heated in the comments

Camila Cabello
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Camila Cabello has quite inadvertently touched on the subject of body positivity recently. In the photos taken by the paparazzi on the beach, she did not look like a slightly underweight model. So there were comments that … Camila Cabello is fat. Fortunately, the singer bravely faced them, promoting a positive attitude towards her own body. Now she posted a photo in a bikini, and the comments were boiling again.

Camila Cabello has gained international fame thanks to her voice. While still a member of Fifth Harmony, she gathered a large group of fans. Over time, the interest in her person grew so much that she decided to pursue a solo career.

Later, Camila Cabello became involved with the hottest boyfriend in show business, Shawn Mendes. This made media interest in this pair soar.

The paparazzi follow their every step carefully. In pictures taken from hiding, hardly any star looks perfect. On the occasion of the shots from the beach, Camila Cabello raised the topic of body positivity.


Camila Cabello has gained weight and no problem with that! The star speaks of weight and you circle …

Camila Cabello in a bikini delights fans

In the star’s latest Instagram photo, we see Camila Cabello posing in a bikini. The singer delighted the fans!


– Perfect 😍🙌💞

– natural beauty, beautiful!

– bikini queen!

Unfortunately, there were trolls …

– Queen of weight gain

A malicious internet user wrote.

Fortunately, Camila Cabello can count on the support of fans who quickly dealt with the envious person.

– and you? A queen who believes she has the right to judge human bodies. 21st century, it’s time to grow up and take care of your life.

– Find out where all your anger and jealousy come from!

– stop embarrassing women, imagine someone who comments on your photos when you put on a dozen grams … Although in my eyes she did not gain weight at all.

These are just some of the many similar statements that Camila Cabello defends.

You can conquer the world with such fans!

Shawn Mendes is leaving, and Camila Cabello … BUBBLE! They have distance

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