Bologna, Sarri at the conference: “Cancellieri surprising. Maximiano apologized”

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At the end of the match between Lazio and Bologna, Maurizio Sarri commented on the race at a press conference. Here are the statements of him with the live de Lalaziosiamonoi.

A comment on the debut of this Lazio and on the attitude of the team?

“The match was difficult it was one of those with episodes against. The big concern was to play with this climate. 97 minutes outnumbered. I am satisfied with the physical condition and the character aspect because we stayed in the game and as soon as there was an episode to our advantage we took advantage of it ”.

What did he say to the referee at the time of the warning? What do you think of the cover of the Gazzetta dello Sport?

“I protested the whole game rightly, I don’t remember what I told him. I didn’t like the conduct of the game. Just don’t read the newspapers.”

Can this Lazio take a leap of maturity? How did you see Romagnoli?

“Also last year in the standings of the reversal of the results we went well. A character like that of today was rarely seen. Romagnoli struggled, but it is normal. Technically I like him, I think he can become a point of reference”.

There is a different approach than last season one season. Are we sure that in addition to the full-back there is no lack of a deputy Immobile?

The entrances seem to me to have been all of a high standard. Luis Alberto has entered to do a job that is not his. I saw Hysaj growing, Vecino well, he can grow. Surprising Chancellors who are making a path to play in multiple roles. If he does as he does tonight he can be the central striker. He has the innate depth attack. “

Have you already had the opportunity to speak with Maximiano and can such a mistake affect a young boy?

“Luis apologized to everyone. I don’t know if he realized he was over the line. His is a mistake. Future choices will not be based on the mistake.”

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